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And on the topic of submissions….

Also if you keep submitting the same thing multiple times and you never see it on the blog it’s one of two things:

1) Incorrect info. MUST have the model’s name. Photographer also appreciated, as well as publication if applicable/available. Make sure you have at least the model ID before re-submitting. This is a FASHION editorial blog, not just a straight up artistic photography blog. Focus is on fashion (ie the clothes and the model). Obviously I appreciate artistic quality in the photos I post, but I get a lot of submissions that have nothing to do with fashion. If all the info is correct and you are sure it is a FASHION image, then it’s probably because….

2) It’s ugly. The posts here are of a certain quality. Please be modestly confident that it fits the brief. The majority of submissions I receive are from ‘photographers’ or ‘models’ submitting their own work and unfortunately I have to delete 90% of them because they either are just mass-submitting their stuff to any fashion blog they find without taking a look at whether the material fits, or they are totally lacking in self-awareness and are deluded as to their own level of talent.

Taking some shots of the prettiest girl in your econ class with a Canon T2i and a standard wide angle zoom and then upping the saturation and contrast in iPhoto does not make you the next Meisel. Please take some courses/read a couple books, buy some proper equipment, learn to post-edit and then try submitting again.

To the person who keeps submitting that godawful ballet-themed Free People campaign:  For the last time, NO. NOPE. NOOOOO.

That campaign is ugly as shit and completely laughable. Not happening.